Macie FAQs

Macie was lost in the West Hartford, CT area, on September 28, 2013.

Macie is a 7 year old female dachshund beagle something mix that we rescued out of a hoarding case along with 17 other dogs. She arrived at her foster home and on the same day managed to escape.

Macie is extremely friendly and very sweet, but she is timid with new people and is likely hiding. She was lost off Pilgrim Road in West Hartford, Connecticut. Macie is arthritic and needs her medicine so we are concerned for a variety of reasons.

Macie adores barbecue (who doesn’t?) and given encouragement in the form of a seated human with barbecue or something tasty in hand, she may approach someone. Do not chase this dog if you see her. She will run from you and that will make it worse. Macie does know her name but will not respond to people she does not know.

Macie is wearing a collar with a name tag on it and she is microchipped. She is completely vetted. If you see this dog or happen to catch her, please let us know. Please spread the word – hopefully someone has seen her or better yet, has her.

You can also directly post to us on Facebook at

There is a reward for her safe return to us!



3 thoughts on “Macie FAQs

  1. Hi, My family had lost a dog and found it some years back. The dog tracker we had suggested we look in areas where coyotes wouldn’t go. Such as an area where those sharp round stickers “burrs” (plant material) stick to everything that passes them. We had an area along the edge of a highway where the lost dog hung out for a couple of weeks that was slightly swampy as well. The local animal rescue groups said coyotes know to avoid those areas as they have no way of getting them lose, while domestic dogs would have a human pry them off. The dog tracker also said to post in color photos near playgrounds and dog parks on the chance she could go there looking for food or distance companionship. Just to see people is the thought. If I lived closer, I’d get a group out looking but we’re in the Boston area. Good luck, we’re all pulling for you and her.

  2. Hi there I have some people that I know in your area. I have asked them to pass around with there friends on fb. I am in Maine but I hope that this might help you. I feel for you and your family.

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